Milan Expo 2015: the new passport to go around the world in the halls

Now you can have the certificate memory of the journey between the Expo pavilions. By purchasing the Passport Officer of Expo Milano 2015, although without ever having set foot on a plane, visas of various countries exhibitors will appear on display on request to staff, paradoxically hostess or steward who is in constant acceleration between Halls visited .

Expo passport

A world tour of the 142 participating countries will not succeed in one day, make no mistake, but in one day surely be able to stamp the 24 colorful pages that make up the passport, characterized by a cover stamped with hot-foil ‘ silver, and the hologram internal seams that enhance the success of the gadget, numbered and customizable so that only the journey undertaken in the culinary taste and good taste in architecture.

Certainly nothing to do with Around the World in 80 Days, the famous novel by Jules Verne in childish memory of many, including steamboats and railroads, sleds and elephant backs. Expo the files will prevent you probably win every kind of bet, as in the story inspired by the actions of GF Train, who created the company in 1870, but certainly the winning bet passport will leave an indelible mark on the organization of the event . Apt idea that also educates school children to the idea of ​​the journey through culture, peeping in Milan not only to sit down to eat on the table spread.

Where to find it

There are several points for the purchase of passport, starting from the store Excelsior, housed OVS, rather than the info point or even in the same exhibition hall. At the moment not all countries have the stamp to release regular visa access and the condition is under adjustment; the evidence in respect of the visitors indicate even free delivery of the gadget in certain stand, evidently to attract the largest possible number of customers foodaioli.

Certainty instead regards the proliferation of initiatives, first of all, that of June 3 when, appearing from 19 to 21 hours in front of the west entrance Triulza equipped printer profile registration on the official website to the #expottimisti, a hostess will distribute free Expo passport, a map, a brief guide, plus a ticket to the evening and a good free slowfood.

And when you will tell stories to grandchildren, in the record of your discolored faded memory, you’ll be joined by a blue passport that will spring from a drawer and bring to the surface new colorful memories of an unforgettable round dance around the world.